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Daily Word

Day 16

Just because someone doesn’t validate you doesn’t mean you are not valuable – maybe it means they are veiled.. Stand instead on what the LORD has said regarding you.. “See,

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Day 15

Agape (unconditional) Love is the one thing that unites all of human existence..! It has the ability to forgive, to inspire, to encourage, to lighten one’s heart and to bring

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Day 14

Jesus gave LOVE, priority over all other Christian virtues.! Every thought, response, and act of goodwill must first pass through the fine filter of love, or it means nothing at

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Day 13

No love of the natural heart is safe unless it has been satisfied by GOD first..! Naturally, no human can meet all our expectations – so with unmet needs, we

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Day 12

Being more Christlike should be your motivation for integrity.. As a follower of Jesus, your word should stand on its own.. Just speak the truth of His Word in love,

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Day 11

GOD speaks in the language you know best – not through your ears, but through your circumstances – because the breakthrough is always in that problem, after you have succeeded

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Day 10

A lot of factors beyond our control can sometimes cause us to fall.. But, when you stumble, learn how to be resilient (tough, strong) and get back up on track

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