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Day 9

Our hearts were made for love, worship and wonder, but with what most of us face in our every day—whether you’re a parent with a house to manage, a student with deadlines, or a professional trying to perform your best in a time of uncertainty—we’re faced with countless causes for anxiety and stress..
Do not allow stress to dominate you because it is a silent killer..! Combat stress with the WORD of GOD..!!
Stress and worry are a serious business with God. Don’t let them rule your life. They may become a trap to you..
Our good and loving Creator made us to live as trees planted by water, sending our roots deep into His life-giving stream, and growing tall and strong in the confidence of His provision and nourishment..
Thanks be to God, Christ beckons and invites us to lay our burdens at His feet. We were never meant to carry everything on our own. He has provided us with ways to approach and manage the stress in our lives by teaching us to abide in Him, shift our focus to Him, turn our hearts to worship Him, rest in Him, and through prayer and petition, invite Him in our situations to act on our behalf..
Spend time meditating on, & speaking God’s promise, to keep you in perfect peace until the promises of God become a reality in your life..
You were made to abide, to drink deeply from the ever-flowing life that comes from God. Trust in Him and stay close to Him, and you will stand strong through drought and storm..
Can it be true that we should be anxious for nothing? This command for Christians turns the world’s logic upside down. Bring your burdens to God and see what He does..
Jesus’ peace is unlike any peace the world has to offer. Greater than financial security, relational affirmation, or even a pandemic-free world. Christ’s peace, His gift to you, surpasses all of this—He doesn’t want your heart to be troubled..
The world might tell you that all you need is a new and positive mindset. While positivity tips and tricks might be helpful for a moment, they don’t build a deep foundation of the true life and peace found in God. Allow His Spirit to govern your mind, and notice how He leads you to something eternal, not fading..
Through the indescribable power of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we no longer have to worry whether we are enough to face life’s challenges both big and small. Not only can we release our stress and worry to Him, we rejoice that our faith in Him makes us victorious!..
“So don’t lose your bold, courageous faith, for you are destined for a great reward!…..”(Hebrews 10:35)

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