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Day 8

When you are “uncommon” and you do the right thing when no one is looking, and keep your word when it costs you something, you can ask God for increase, and expect uncommon favour without compromising your integrity..
Most would not understand, but you live by a higher standard, the standard set by GOD for HIS glory..!
“The person who does what is right and speaks the truth will live. He rejects getting rich by extortion and refuses to take bribes. He refuses to listen to those who are plotting murders. He doesn’t look for evil things to do. This person will live on high. His stronghold will be a fortress made of rock. He will have plenty of food and a dependable supply of water…..”(Isaiah 33:15-17‬)


Day 29

Thoughts of success usually include money, influence, or fame – but this incorrect definition of success will hinder your influence for God, so beware, satan uses these wrong meanings of

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Day 28

People disappoint us with promises they have no intention of keeping.. Some even plot and scheme to bring down or mess with someone who is confident in where GOD is

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Day 27

From the time you pray until the manifestation, satan will try everything to get you to believe that God didn’t hear your prayer.. Don’t believe or give in to satan’s

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