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Day 8

The New Testament testifies Christ Jesus challenging chaotic occurrences—which appeared as turbulent storms, violence, grave sickness, and so on—by demonstrating divine laws of peace, power, and health..
With spiritual authority & fearlessness, Jesus proved God’s Truth, the law of harmony, as supreme..
The light of Truth is here to bring harmony to any dark situation..
Divine Love’s comfort and guidance, encompasses everyone involved..
Yielding to the laws of divine Principle provides protection from fears and inharmonious outcomes. No matter what threatens our future plans, we can refuse to submit. Instead, we can lean on God’s dependable guidance, His Word, to steer us to healing outcomes. Anyone can learn to do this..
Breathe in GOD’s Words & feel warmed & comforted as a child of GOD should because that’s where His blessings begin..
And for those in Christ, they never ever end..!
“We know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose….”(Romans 8:28)

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Day 28

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Day 27

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Day 26

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