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Day 7

GOD created you to stand out in the crowd and to be a class above..
To be uncommon means you are passionate about your future and you live by a higher standard; to do what others are not willing to do, and to believe for things that others think are too big..
An uncommon dream requires an uncommon faith..
An uncommon dream requires an uncommon patience..
An uncommon future will require an uncommon preparation..
An uncommon seed always creates an uncommon harvest..
You were meant to be an eagle flying high. Don’t settle being a chicken..
“You bless righteous people, O LORD. Like a large shield, You surround them with your favour”…..”(Ps‬alm ‭5:12‬)


Day 13

Everybody has memories. Your memories are a choice to hold on or to let go..! Memories of good experiences have a huge influence over our behaviour.. Holding onto painful memories

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Day 12

People can dislike you, but it won’t harm you..! Just remember that you do not need anyone’s approval to be happy – you will be as happy and successful as

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Day 11

Wisdom shows mercy, not judgement..! Wise people don’t emphasize other people’s mistakes.. You give people what they need, and not what they deserve.. You don’t judge them, you encourage them..

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