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Day 6

Momentum (motivation) matters in life..!
Often, the way you finish one season is the way you begin the next one – so get on with hitting your goals even if you have missed most in the past..
While sin, shame, fear, regret and discouragement will try to keep us at a standstill, it cannot if we remain “In Jesus”..!!
Disappointment is inevitable. But to become discouraged, there’s a choice I make. God will never discourage me. He will always point me to Himself to trust Him. Therefore, my discouragement is from satan. As you go through the emotions that we have, regret, disappointment is not from God. Bitterness, unforgiveness, all of these are attacks from satan..
One of the most valuable aids to meditation is Scripture memorization. Ask people who are battling discouragement or depression, two questions: “Are you singing to the Lord?” and “Are you memorizing Scripture? they do have incredible power to change our perspective and attitude toward the issues we are facing..
Stop trusting your situation. God is in control, not your situation. Stay rooted in Him..
“I am the sprouting vine and you’re My branches. As you live in union with Me as your source, fruitfulness will stream from within you—but when you live separated from Me you are powerless.….”(John‬ ‭15:5‬)

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