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Day 5

Stop chasing after money, and start chasing after wealth..!
Wealth is not found in bank accounts, portfolios, or gold reserves..
True wealth is total progress in all areas of your life which is achieved only through godly wisdom..!!
Some seem to think that nothing is better than riches, but according to Proverbs there are many things more important than money..
1. Honesty and kindness are better than prosperity.
Proverbs 19:22, Proverbs 18:23
2. A good reputation is better than riches.
Proverbs 22:1
3. Godly character is more important than money.
Proverbs 16:8
4. A peaceful home filled with love is better than a bank account filled.
Proverbs 15:17, Proverbs 17:1, Proverbs 15:27
5. Wisdom is better than wealth.
Proverbs 8:10-11, Proverbs 16:16
Money cannot buy wisdom..
Money cannot buy true friends..
Salvation cannot be bought with money..
“He who leans on and trusts in and is confident in his riches will fall, but the righteous [who trust in God’s provision] will flourish like a green leaf.….”(Proverbs 11:28)

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