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Day 4

God wants you to be intentional about your thankfulness every day – He wants you to develop this spiritual habit, one that is reflected in the life of a believer..
The more deeply you understand GOD’s love, the more grateful you are..!
– Give Thanks for His Love.
God’s love is just as strong for us today as it was for those in Scripture. He is still our Abba Father, who seeks relationship with us. His deep and abiding love should lead us to praise Him just like those we read about..
– Give Thanks for His Provision.
It doesn’t take much thought for us to come up with our own testimonies of how God has carried us in hard times. He wants us to recognize that He, and no one else, is our Provider, and to hear our response..
– Give Thanks for His Forgiveness.
Every believer throughout the ages has been able to hold onto the same promise of receiving God’s forgiveness for sin. We too can feel that lightening of our spirit, and respond with gratitude..
– Give Thanks for His Word.
Today, most of us are immensely blessed to have access to the whole Bible. On any given day, we can be impacted by the life-renewing power within its pages. God is pleased when we use this gift and thank Him for it..
– Give Thanks for His Creation.
God created the earth for His pleasure and ours, and took great care in the process of making it. Every detail was intentional. We have the opportunity to appreciate God’s handiwork as well..
– Give Thanks for His People.
There is comfort and strength to be found in fellowship. We are given opportunities to serve each other and help each other grow closer to our Lord. The sound of thanks coming from a congregation sounds sweet to God..
– Give Thanks for His Plan for Us.
God’s plan for us is to share in the numerous blessings through what Jesus did on the cross: victory over the enemy, restoration with God and an eternal Kingdom to enjoy..
“Let us be thankful, then, because we receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken. Let us be grateful and worship God in a way that will please Him, with reverence and awe;….”(Hebrews 12:28)


Day 15

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Day 14

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Day 13

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