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Day 29

God has not forgotten you, nor has He gone back on any one of His promises to you..
Every Christian needs to hear this message, especially in this age of overpowering temptations and excruciating hurt..
Do not let unnecessary interruptions, unfathomable heartache or undeniable opposition derail you..
GOD’s miracle working power still brings breakthroughs in your life..
God has not forgotten you! He knows exactly where you are, what you are going through right now, and He is monitoring every step along your path..
But we are just like the children of Israel who doubted God’s daily care for them, even though prophets were sent to deliver wonderful promises from Heaven..
Here we are today as the children of the same Holy God, having in us the glorious promise of Holy Spirit comfort; yet we go about daily fearing the oppressor..
We know what our Lord has promised us: guidance, peace, a shelter from the storm, a way where there seems to be none, a supply for every need, healing for every hurt. Do we believe any of it? Do we just put these promises out of our minds and go on our way, worrying and fretting and taking matters into our own hands? I’m afraid so!..
And we are all alike. We get in a tight place; we get lonely and depressed; we fall into temptation and yield to lust; we make tragic errors and live in guilt and terror; and through it all, we choose to forget all that God has promised us..
We forget we serve a God who laid the very foundations of this earth. We forget our Father is all powerful, and that all things that exist were made by Him. We see only our problems. Our fears shut out the vision of His power and glory. We get afraid; we panic; we question; we doubt..
We forget in our hour of need that God has us in the palm of His hand. Instead, like the children of Israel, we are afraid we are going to blow it all and be destroyed by the enemy..
How difficult it must be for our loving Father to understand why we won’t trust Him when we are down and in need. God must think to Himself, “Don’t they know I have graven them upon the palms of My hands… I could no more forget them in their hour of need than a mother could forget her suckling child… and even though a mother could forget her child, I cannot forget a single child of mine” (Isaiah 49:15-16). They take matters in their own hand; they depend on others; they trust in their own thoughts..
Get back to the secret closet! God will, according to His own Word, meet your every need..
Do I believe all the promises are mine? Yes! Do I believe God still answers prayer? Yes! Do I believe He will comfort me; deliver me; give me the things I need to be free and fulfilled? Yes! But all that God does in me and for me depends on one thing: I must believe that He hears me when I call, that He is more willing to give than I am to receive, that He is most anxious to answer every prayer that will help me be more like Himself..
God has not forsaken me – nor you! A thousand times no! He is right now wanting us all to believe He is working all things out for our good. So quit trying to figure it out; stop worrying; stop doubting your Lord! The answer is coming! God has not shut His ear! You will reap – in due season – if you faint not!.
“All who are oppressed may come to Yahweh as a high shelter in the time of trouble, a perfect hiding place. For everyone who knows Your wonderful Name keeps putting their trust in You. They can count on You for help no matter what. O Lord, You will never, no never, neglect those who come to You.…..” (Psalm 9:9-10‬)


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