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Day 28

We are so concerned with the pollution of the physical earth…and within reason, we should be concerned with this!..
But the physical earth is only temporary, and we are so un-concerned with the spiritual pollution that we allow in our souls, which will last forever..
Spiritual growth is a journey from mind pollution to mind solution..!
You have to sift through the dirt of whatever situation it is that you find yourself in, so that your future is not polluted..
We have fire alarms to warn us when smoke is detected..
The spiritual pollution of this world, without the alarm of the Bible and the Holy Spirit, is no less deadly to our souls..
We not only do not turn on the alarms but we keep the Bible locked in the box and on the shelf. “This Book will keep you from sin (pollution!) or sin (pollution!) will keep you from this Book”..
With us rarely reading and living out the Bible and with us breathing deeply from the polluted exhaust pipe of this sinful world for hours and hours per day, it is no wonder that for many of us, our faith in Christ is dead or in a coma and we are on spiritual life-support..
The Word of God is the source of your growth through faith..!!
It’s never too late with King Jesus! Repent! Apologize to Him! Ask Him to help you! Ask Him to take out all the spiritual pollution that has been attached to your vein for so long and to hook you up with His spiritual I.V. of the Holy Spirit and the Bible!..
God commands us to avoid spiritual pollution to help us realize how clean He wants to make us! We don’t have to stay polluted..
Jesus wants to un-pollute both our minds/hearts/consciences and our bodies! Make us holy like Him. There is a cure, there is hope!!!..
“Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you?……”(2 Corinthians 13:5‬)


Day 15

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Day 14

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Day 13

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