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Day 27

Never give up hope..!
You may be an earthen vessel but you are a carrier of great grace, & therefore nothing the enemy manufactures can destroy you..
We, earthen vessels are fleshly and carnal yet contain a treasure, the precious Holy Spirit, which God has deposited inside us. We have the very power that created the universe and raised Jesus from the dead!..
We hold this immense, incredibly rich, inexhaustible treasure in these human bodies of ours..
After recreating us in Christ Jesus; after turning our previously dead spirits into temples so marvelous that God Himself is willing to live in them; and after placing His greatest treasure in our hearts, do you think the Holy Spirit is going to walk off and leave His investment for the enemy to plunder? The emphatic answer to that question should be obvious to you by now! Never!..
The LORD will not abandon His people; He will not desert those who belong to Him. (Psalm 94:14)
This God—His way is perfect; the Word of the LORD proves true; He is a shield for all those who take refuge in Him. (Psalm 18:30)
“I will say to the LORD, “You are my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”….”(Psalm 91:2)


Day 30

God is not limited by the economy, your job, or the stock market – GOD owns it all..! Keep your hope in Him, & you will not just make it,

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Day 29

God has not forgotten you, nor has He gone back on any one of His promises to you.. Every Christian needs to hear this message, especially in this age of

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Day 28

You have a space that belongs only to you.. It’s your thoughts, your attitude, your emotions. It’s who you spend time with, what you watch and listen to. That’s your

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