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Day 25

Often the serpents of this life will reach out & bite us..
They inject their poison into us but they cannot overcome the Blood of the Lamb of God that washes away the sin of the world & the sting of death..
Don’t worry about the serpent or his bite, just make sure that the Lamb’s Blood is flowing through your veins..!
The power of the blood of Jesus has provided everything you need to live a life of victory, including redemption, fellowship, healing, protection and authority over the devil..
God is love. And the greatest expression of His love toward us is the blood of Jesus. That love covers every need man has had or ever will have, and every time we apply the blood, we experience an outpouring of this love. It is love, through the blood, that has created a barrier between you and all the works of the devil..
– We have redemption through the blood of Jesus. – Ephesians 1:7
– We have healing through the blood of Jesus. – 1 Peter 2:24
– We have protection through the blood of Jesus – Exodus 12:13
– We have authority over the devil through the blood of Jesus – Revelation 12:11
So, when we accept Christ into our life, our Heavenly Father imparts Jesus’ life-giving blood into our veins. Our faith allows us to receive a “blood transfusion,” except this type of blood carries eternal life. And it’s this eternal life that forever expels the contamination of Adam’s sin that once polluted our bloodstream..
“For this is My blood, which confirms the covenant between God and His people. It is poured out as a sacrifice to forgive the sins of many.….” (Matthew 26:28‬)


Day 30

God is not limited by the economy, your job, or the stock market – GOD owns it all..! Keep your hope in Him, & you will not just make it,

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Day 29

God has not forgotten you, nor has He gone back on any one of His promises to you.. Every Christian needs to hear this message, especially in this age of

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Day 28

You have a space that belongs only to you.. It’s your thoughts, your attitude, your emotions. It’s who you spend time with, what you watch and listen to. That’s your

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