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Day 24

Be stronger than your excuses..!
God knows the race that lies in front of you; He knows all your inadequacies & insecurities; He knows the trials that are waiting for you that you cannot foresee; He knows all your failures in your past & your failures to come & yet, He promises to be your source of strength when you are at your most broken..
Moses struggled with his speech. Rahab was a woman with an awful reputation. David was a man who fell into sin in very public ways. These were all people who had weaknesses, failures, and sins—and God still called them to be vessels of His glory and grace. Scripture points us to this group of people as examples for living out our faith with equal trust and boldness..
There are plenty of excuses they could’ve offered to God as to why they did not need to run their race of faith. Abraham had every good thing the world had to offer. Why did he need to give that up to obey God? Moses was on the short list of most powerful people on the planet. Why did he need to relinquish his throne for the sake of some Jewish slaves? Who would follow a man that was slow of speech? Yet he accepts God’s call to lead a million people to freedom. Rahab was already branded as a whore. Why would God’s people want to trust her?..
The list of excuses as to why God could not use these faithful people would fill a book. Yet, for a God that parts seas, slays undefeated giants, drops indestructible walls and calls dead people to life—the excuses of man are feeble in view of His inexhaustible strength. He simply asks that you trust Him with the weakest parts of who you are and He will make His strength plainly evident..
All of the weight of excuse and disobedience was paid in full by the work of Christ and He simply asks that we fix our eyes on Him to see this race through. Focus on Him and look to Him and it will be Christ who will get you to the finish line of faith. There is a Faith Hall of Fame filled with servants of Jesus who can testify to His sustaining grace. Look to Him—and them—to run your race out to the end..
“Finally, be strong in the Lord, relying on His mighty strength.…”(Ephesians 6:10‬)


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