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Day 21

The God who created the universe, the most powerful being ever, loves you personally..
Try to wrap your mind around that. He loves you — not just people in general, but you as a person. He cares about your life and wants to be part of it..
Even if you have spent your whole life running from God, He still loves you & wants a relationship with you..
God’s love is unconditional and infinite — far, far beyond what even the best of people are capable of. God commands those who follow Him to love one another..
Yet among sincere believers whose hearts God has changed, you can still see an imperfect picture of His love..
Even the best, at loving others will fall short, and they will tell you to go to the source. GOD!..
The Bible says God loves you whatever state your life is in. It reminds us of God’s wonderful, extravagant, amazing, unstoppable and unconditional love..
Humans cannot love perfectly as God does because we are imperfect..
Everyone needs this type of love, but if you expect it from another person, you will be let down..
God is the only one who can love you perfectly..
“The LORD appeared to me (Israel) from ages past, saying, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you and continued My faithfulness to you.….”(Jeremiah 31:3‬)


Day 30

One of the primary reasons for our not wanting to change is our resistance to moving on and moving forward.. Learning new things is not the difficult part, but rather

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Day 29

Good character is one of the main hallmarks of a firm faith in Christ. We are expected to be image-bearers of Christ and to make Him known wherever we go.

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Day 28

Bear in mind that when your wealth and success increases, so does your accountability to God.. True success and happiness can only stem from good character, good stewardship, therefore be

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