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Day 10

Expose to satan who you really are and who your GOD really is..!
The devil is always scared that you will discover who you are in Christ and tell him what to do and where to go taking with him disease, pettiness, lack, and strife..
Therefore place a demand on your anointing (spiritual enablement given to the believers. through the power of God) and make that potential come out..!!
The wonderful anointing you have received from God is so much greater than the deception and lies of the devil and now lives in you..
“In our union with Christ Jesus He raised us up with Him to rule with Him in the heavenly world. He did this to demonstrate for all time to come the extraordinary greatness of His grace in the love He showed us in Christ Jesus…..”(Ephesians 2:6-7‬)

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Day 28

When anxiety or fear or discouragement or confusion abounds, the silent self-talk within our hearts boils down to this one question: “What reason do I have for hope right now?”..

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Day 27

Never give up hope..! You may be an earthen vessel but you are a carrier of great grace, & therefore nothing the enemy manufactures can destroy you.. We, earthen vessels

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Day 26

When God gives you a dream or a plan don’t let people bring death to it with their doubt..! 6 Biblical reasons to chase your God given dreams: – God

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